1. Complete Vacuum of Interior
2. Wipe Door Jams
3. Interior Wipe Down (Non-Oil Base):
- Seats, cup holders, console, vents, panel and dashboard
4. Interior/Exterior Windows (Safe On Tint)
5. Clean Wheel Wells

6. Blackout wheel wells
7. Clean Face of Rims/Tires
8. Tire dressing
9. One Coat Of Wax
10. Dress all molding
11. Leather Conditioner
12. Shampoo/Steam Cleaning
13. Insect Removal

*Optional engine cleaning and dressing (additional)

* (+) Denotes price increase based upon size and condition of vehicle

*Slightly more for vans, trucks and SUV’s, and price adjustments for excessively dirty vehicles.

- Coupe, Sedans, and Wagons Starting Price $225.00
- Small SUV’s (2 Rows Seating) Starting Price $225.00
- Large SUV’s (3 Row Seating) Starting Price $250.00
- Mini Van Starting Price $275.00
- Passenger Van Starting Price $300.00
- Pickup Trucks (anything bigger than S10) Starting Price $325.00

Full Detail

Full Detail is a great way to maintain the exterior of your vehicle by providing protection to the paint from UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, and other environmental pollutants as well as refresh your vehicle’s interior.

(Our Full Detail is recommended every 6 months).

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