Mini Detail

(1 hour) Recommended weekly or bi-weekly for clients who just don't have the time to clean their vehicle. 

1. Complete Vacuum of Interior

3. Interior Wipe Down: - Console, Panels, and Dashboard

4. Interior/Exterior Windows (Safe On Tint)

5. Clean Face of Rims/Tires

6. Tire Dressing

* (+) Denotes price increase based upon size and condition of vehicle

*Slightly more for vans, trucks and SUV’s, and price adjustments for excessively dirty vehicles.

- Coupe, Sedans, and Wagons Starting Price $55.00

- Small SUV’s (2 Rows Seating) Starting Price $55.00

- Large SUV’s (3 Row Seating) Starting Price $65.00

- Mini Van Starting Price $65.00

- Passenger Van Starting Price $85.00

- Pickup Trucks (anything bigger than S10) Starting Price $75.00

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